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Faith in Politics is a Catholic Parliamentary and Public Affairs internship scheme, which was started in 2003. It provides up to eight recently graduated Catholics with intensive experience of political and social action in a spiritual context. Interns are placed with Christian MPs at Westminster and in public policy and social action roles at the Catholic Education Service (CES), CAFOD, and CSAN. All the internships also involve individually guided retreats and spiritual guidance throughout the year. Each intern will take part in the first year of a part-time Master’s Degree in Catholic Social Teaching at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, at the end of which they will gain a Postgraduate Certificate, with the option of completing the second year. Additionally, the interns explore the explore the political landscape and the Church’s involvement in social action through a series of events and trips abroad, including a week in Rome. The group will live at More House in Kensington, and at the end of the year will become part of a network of over 100 intern alumni.

I have learnt a lot and am ready to go into the working world with confidence. I cannot imagine a better first year out of university

Catholic Education Service

I really feel like I am part of a bridge between the faith-based organisations on the ground, and the MPs and Peers who debate and decide these policies.


It has reinforced to us all the need for Catholic voices in politics

MPs and Peers

My internship at CAFOD has enabled me to put my faith into action, whilst gaining experience of the international development sector


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To apply for the Internship you must:

1. Be a Catholic

2. Be academically strong, having achieved or expected to achieve either a good 2:1 or a First.

3. Have UK Residency or indefinite leave to remain in the UK

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Frequently Asked Questions Our FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Catholic Parliamentary and Public Policy Internship benefit me?

Whether you work in Westminster or in Public Affairs at a National Catholic Agency, you will, at the end of the scheme have gained invaluable experience, knowledge and networking opportunities, as well as a deeper insight into Catholic Social Teaching and familiarisation with the work of the Catholic Church and its agencies. The spiritual guidance and retreat will provide you with opportunities to reflect on the faith dimension of the experience and assist you in discerning your future vocation.

Why do I have to be a Catholic?

Faith in Politics is an initiative of the Catholic Bishops in England and Wales specifically aimed at young Catholics seeking to discern a vocation to public service and political leadership. The year’s internship consists of four related elements designed together to provide an intensive experience of social and political engagement in a spiritual context. These comprise individually guided retreats, studies of Catholic Social Teaching, a series of visits to secular and religious institutions including to the European institutions and the Vatican, and finally work in the office of a Christian MP. The interns all live together in More House, a Catholic chaplaincy in Kensington, London. These combined elements are designed to deepen the experience and Catholic faith of the interns.

At the outset of the scheme it was agreed that we should work not only with Catholic but also other Christian MPs. We fact seek to work with different MPs each year, and it is understood that the interns are there for an educational experience. However, the scheme is designed specifically, and funded specifically through fundraising, for young Catholic graduates, and the elements of the scheme come together taking this as a starting point.

There are also other internship programs through which graduates can seek to work with MPs. There is, for instance, a similar scheme run by CARE for Christians of other denominations with whom we liaise and they work with Christian MPs of varying denominations as well.

The requirement for a Catholic is appropriate under Schedule 9 Part 1 Para 3 of the Equality Act.

How is the scheme funded? Where will I live?

The scheme is funded through fundraising. Interns will have subsidised catered accommodation in central London and an allowance to cover living and travel costs for the duration of the internship. Tuition fees are also paid for through this fundraising. When added together, this amounts to more than the London Living Wage. As interns, you will be selected on the basis of ability and potential to gain most benefit from this experience.

Will there be someone I can go to in case of problems?

There is a team at the Bishops’ Conference who will keep in touch regularly and ensure all the practical aspects of your internship are going well throughout the year.

Am I the kind of person you’re looking for?

We are looking for current final year undergraduates or recent graduates who:

  • Are committed Catholics with integrity, a strong sense of vocation to social action, seeking to bring their faith to life
  • Have varied life experiences
  • Are academically strong, having achieved or expected to achieve either a good 2:1 or a First
  • Have exceptional initiative, drive, flair and creativity
  • Are highly responsible with good interpersonal skills and discretion
  • Have excellent oral and written communication skills
  • All applicants must be resident in the UK


Information for Members of Parliament and organisations taking an intern

The scheme runs from September each year to the following July. The internship year combines four elements: work in the office of a Member, study (a Postgraduate Certificate in Catholic Social Teaching with St Mary’s University, Twickenham), spiritual formation including an opening and closing retreat, and a series of meetings and visits (including to Brussels and Rome). The scheme is fully funded from donations to the Bishops’ Conference specifically to support the initiative. The scheme runs at no cost to the Member and although the internship scheme is an educational programme rather than employment, interns all receive grant support equivalent to the London Living Wage, including free accommodation. It is expected that interns will also receive pro-rata annual leave. The scheme is run on an all-party basis and each year we seek to place interns with Catholic MPs (or Christian MPs of other denominations) from different parties.